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We are a 7 partner training practice situated in a semi-rural part of Gwent, South Wales.

The Rogerstone Practice is a well established group practice having been in the area for almost 60 years. Our practice is recognised for Post Graduate Training which means we train fully qualified Doctors who want to become General Practitioners.

The practice is actively committed to developing primary health care services, believing this is best achieved through the co-ordination and development of the primary health care team, to provide appropriate comprehensive packages of care.

We take pride in our patient care and adhere to good medical practice.

NHS APP. You are now able to book an appointment with the doctor and request repeat prescriptions online. In order to do this, you need to download to NHS app. Register for an account which will then link to your NHS record.

NHS app

Respiratory Illnesses

During this time of year, respiratory illnesses such as Covid-19 and Flu tend to surge, impacting our communities and vulnerable people across Gwent. 

The most effective sheild we have against these viruses is vaccination. Whether it's the flu or Covid-19, we encourage everyone eligible to visit any Vaccination Centre across Gwent and protect yourselves. Your health is of upmost importance, and getting vaccinated is a powerful step towards protecting yourself and those around you.

Zero-Tolerance policy

The Rogerstone Practice operates a zero-tolerance policy and will not acccept abuse of any kind towards our staff. We work hard in extremely difficult circumstances. Action will be taken against you. Please be kind. 


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